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We are one of the leading Business Plan Consultants in the UAE. Our company has the right mix of talents who come with wide experience and knowledge from various fields and industries. The growing team of us consists of writers, editors, market analysts, and business consultants who work collectively to craft for you the best business consultancy services in the UAE. At the heart of our efforts lies our commitment to quality and achieve perfection. We carry out a number of quality checks and analysis before the final document is shared with the client. Our business plan consultants know the value of your investments and thus, works to give you the best output that ensures you success.


Customer satisfaction is our core focus. We put in our best effort to understand your requirements and take a strategic approach to frame your business plan. Since each business is different, with varying purpose, aim, and objectives what we follow is customization. While our writers follow a standard writing style, we incorporate intricate details of your business and produce a copy of plan that is solely created for you. With us you can experience personalization that you were looking for.

What makes us different from other companies is a great team. With the right mix of expertise and experience we ensure that we produce the right plan for you that addresses each critical areas. Starting from preparing a catchy mission and vision statement to formulation of strategic marketing plan, our business plan consultants ensure that each area is aligned to your organization’s objectives. By aligning the plan to organization value proposition our consultants ensure success of your future endeavors.

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One of the crucial aspects of business plan writing is conducting a competitor mapping. As an entrepreneur starting a new business, it is extremely important that you know about the existing market players and the competitive pressure you may witness. However, a complete understanding of the competitors require a thorough analysis of their strengths as well as weaknesses that might seem a formidable task for the novice. Our expert business plan consultants know your concerns and thus extend their support in carrying out a critical competitor analysis. We gather information about competitor’s product lines, service offerings, ratings, and market position and present the information in a nutshell that gives you a holistic picture of the scenario. This helps you create a distinctive profile for your new start-up and provide your customer unique services that increases your brand image.

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Not only the competitors, our business plan writers also include a comprehensive analysis of the customers. We analyze different customer segments, analyze their needs, understand their buying power, and assess their consumption trend. With this analysis you can build strategic marketing plan to target each group of customer and fulfill their requirements. An enhanced knowledge of your customers also helps you offer customized product or services that specifically meet their aspirations and thus ensure long term customer relationship and business growth.

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As a business plan consultancy firm we understand the importance of marketing. Our plan identifies various marketing channels and specifies risks and benefits associated with each. We also prepare marketing strategies at the initial start of the business as well as ongoing marketing efforts for ensuring correct product placement. In doing so we also analyze the requirement for investment and prepare the strategy that fits neatly within the budget. With our robust plan you are able to explore new digital marketing channels and leverage social media platforms for engaging closely with the customers. In today’s business environment social media marketing is important to ensure wider reach to different markets and consumer group. The plan that you get covers all these crucial aspects that are prime considerations for your business. The purpose is to assist you and support you throughout your journey and thus, the planning of your business is done keeping in mind the future endeavours.

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We know the value of both short-term and long-term planning. Our writers therefore, prepares SMART business objectives for achieving short-term business goal and creates action plan for future business expansion activities. The business plan includes analysis of potential markets and helps you identify opportunities that ensures your company’s consistent growth and development. With our expert guidance you are assured of high profitability and positive cash flow.

Often entrepreneurs struggle with the financial aspects of business. They are unsure about creating balance sheet, cash flow statement and fail to produce an accurate profit and loss analysis. At Business plan gulf our financial analysts offers you help and support with this. We prepare a five-year projection for your business that helps you understand the possible investment risks and gives you a clear idea of business feasibility. With such an enhanced knowledge you can make informed business decision that minimizes risk and earn portability.

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Our business plan consultants also helps you connect with the potential investors. The informative and comprehensive writing style also is blended with a selling tone that promotes your brand and depicts business potential that draws interest of the investors to provide funding for your business. By attracting investments from the domestic as well as international market your business achieves a full swing and success.

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It is because of all these reason is the priority choice for all the entrepreneurs as well as established businessmen who are struggling to cope with the increasing market competition and declining profitability. We provide an end-to-end support, starting from initial establishment to strategy formulation, implementation, and business growth. All of these are offered to you at an affordable price that guarantees 100% quality. Also we provide free modification period to make any changes or updates to the business plan to make sure it meets all your needs and requirements. So visit our office today in Dubai and get an outstanding experience of working with our expert business plan consultants. We offer you complete support, guidance and help and direct you towards accomplishment of your cherished goals.

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