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If you are in the stage of starting up a new business and building up your target customer base, a business proposal serves as a tool to convince a particular company or organization to partner with you. A well-written and structured business proposal covers three main components which include stating the problem that a company is facing, proposing a solution and providing pricing information. Before writing your business proposal, consider the useful steps in this article which was provided by a highly reliable Business Proposal Writing in UAE. We also encourage you to understand first the business you are writing the proposal for and understand their challenges in order to meet their needs. Below are some tips on how you can write a compelling business proposal:

Introduce yourself and your business using a title page: Make sure to address your full name, organization’s name, the complete date you submitted the document, and the name of the recipient of the business proposal.

Make a table of contents: Inform your target client what are the main points that will be covered in the proposal by creating a structured table of contents.

State the reasons why you are sending the business proposal: Highlight the benefits and advantages of your company’s products and services and outline how it can solve their problem. Upon reading the executive summary, the reader should have a clear understanding why you are the best choice to help them.

Identify the need or problem of the potential client: Discuss the challenges that impact them and let them know that you have adequate knowledge on how to meet those needs. This helps you to build a connection and gain trust from the potential client.

Offer a strategic solution: After evaluating the current issues, it is now time to present your strategies to solve the problem. Always bear in mind that your solution is fully customized and specifically created based on the client’s needs. Inform them which deliverables you will provide, what process will be use and when they can expect to receive it from you.

Communicate your qualifications and achievements: To validate your proposal, make sure that you prove them why you are the right person for the job. Share your success stories, notable accomplishments and awards to build your credibility.

Include pricing options: Make sure to provide flexible pricing options to your prospects according to their financial capacities. In this way, your potential clients won’t have to hesitate about your proposal due to over-price costs.

Provide a detailed terms and conditions: These are crucial details that you need to communicate with your clients which will include pricing, payment schedules, timeline of the project and other relevant information that they need to know. Make sure that it is clear and straightforward by reviewing it with your own legal team before sending it to the client.

Put a signature box for the client to sign the agreement: State first what they are agreeing to before signing the business proposal. This is an opportunity to let them understand the next steps after reading the document. In case of further questions or clarifications, you can approach them and address these concerns.

Create a sense of urgency: The business proposal you have submitted should not look like an indefinite offer. You can provide the reader a deadline to take an action and speed up the decision-making process.

Proofread and edit the document before submitting it to the client: Your business proposal should be free from any typographical or grammatical errors. Therefore, have another second pair of eye to re-read it or search for a professional Business Proposal Writing and Proofreading Help to make sure that your document is polished and professional.

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