11 Best Freelance Business Plan Consultants for Hire in July

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When you have a business idea, you are always advised to put it down on paper and understand what are the challenges you can face and what can you do about them. However, how can someone who has never made a business plan know what to write in a business plan and how to build it? If anything goes wrong when you are writing a business plan yourself, it can limit your potential for the business. Therefore, it is always advised to contact a business plan writing expert to help you because they are aware of what goes into the business plan and can work with you to help you develop yours.

Once you decide that you need professional help, you can look for professional companies such as Businessplangulf.com or look at some business plan consultants who can help you with it. However, the market is competitive and there are many business plan consultants who may sell you a subpar product. To protect yourself, refer to the 11 things that you need to look for when you are selecting business plan consultants for hire in July.

  1. Their website needs to be clear and simple to read and understand

Nothing shows good branding like a good website that the business plan consultant has developed. That is the first evaluation you will make when you hire a business plan writing expert.

  1. They need to display expertise in your area of business

Now, granted that not everyone knows everything, your business plan consultant should, at the very least, be aware of what your area is and how it works. The essence of a business plan is to outline how you will do the business and that cannot happen if they are clueless about the same.

  1. From the get-go, they need to evaluate your business idea

One of the first things that the business plan writing expert needs to do is to tear into your business idea to make sure that all the challenges and future obstacles are accounted for.

  1. The business plan writing expert should ask you questions about your business that make you think of the operational challenges and aspects which you might not have considered

More importantly, the business plan consultant needs to ensure that there you know what your business will look like and how it will work. If they don’t do this, then you can expect a subpar product and not a well-developed and well-thought out business plan.

  1. They should ask you about financing

Money is everything and they should make you aware of that.

  1. They should display understanding of how to make financial forecasts for you

Not only that, they need to provide you with a financial forecast which contains at least the profit and loss statement, balance sheet, a cash flow analysis, and a breakeven analysis.

  1. The business plan writing expert should provide flexible payment options

Are they asking for mandatory full payment upfront? Then they are probably scamming you and you need to look for other business plan consultants.

  1. They should be available to talk on the phone

This will show you that it is a real person you are interacting with and not a writing factory that is just churning out the same business plan with a few alterations.

  1. They should be willing to have you visit them in person

Same as above. If they don’t have an office, then they are probably not going to be trustworthy.

  1. The business plan writing expert needs to outline a clear marketing plan for you

This is as essential as the financial plan. A marketing plan needs to be robust and include all print and digital media.

  1. The business plan consultants need to provide you with a sample of their earlier work

This goes without saying, but it’s so essential. You cannot just blindly trust any business plan consultant with a website. They need to show that they can deliver quality and that you can trust them.

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